The Molenkoning horse solarium is designed to dry and/or warm up your horses with a dual effect.

​Are you looking for a solarium for horses? The horse solariums of Molenkoning are provided with a total of 20 infrared lamps, with 150W each. Eight fans provide a gentle flow of warm air. Standard on MK solariums, its infinitely adjustable regulator allows you to determine the strength of the airflow. Thanks to the open construction of the system, the infrared lamps will not be damaged by the humid environment. The ventilators of the solarium ensure both drying the horse as well as cooling the lamps.

As an extra, we can deliver your solarium with a smart lift system with a remote control. The lift has a stroke of 150cm, so you always have the perfect distance between horse and solarium.

The solarium is easily installed with the supplied chains, but if your ceiling is too high, we also have a set of beautiful, coated wall brackets to which you can attach the solarium and possibly also the lift.

The solarium is delivered in a sturdy box and all mounting materials are included, so it can be easily installed by yourself.

Our solariums are great equipment not only for drying the horses, but also for warming up the horses and for rehabilitation purposes. For more information, please take a look at our online catalog.

For further information, check our catalogue.